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Hardware Versions

Design files for version 1.1 of EBB (Shipped with original Beta EggBot Kits):
Hardware and Firmware Versions EiBotBoard has had several hardware versions, and also several firmware versions. Here is a list of the hardware (board) versions: (The board is called EBB, the firmware is called EBF - EiBotFirmware)

Six versions of EBBs

EBB v1.0:

EBB v1.1:

EBB v1.2:

EBB v1.3:

EBB v1.4:

EBB v1.5:

EBB v2.0:

EBB v2.1:

Firmware Versions

Primary EBB Firmware (EBF)

The firmware versions are not as contiguous as the hardware versions. The firmware is called EBF (Ei Bot Firmware) and due to changes in the hardware, there are different builds of each firmware version for the various hardware versions. At some future point in time, there might only be one firmware version for all boards, and there would be some mechanism for the firmware to know which hardware version it is running on and configure itself appropriately. (probably by using a block of Flash to store configuration information)

These firmware versions are based on the UBW code, modified with extra commands for RC servos, stepper motor motion, etc. In order to compile these projects, you will need the free MPLAB IDE, the free C18 compiler, and the free Microchip Applications Library (latest USB stack, at least v2.6a) all from Microchip.

EBB Firmware Driver for Windows (XP, Vista 32/64, Windows 7 32/64)

The following zip file contains an INF file. This INF file must be used the first time the EBB is plugged into a Windows computer. It tells Windows what driver to use with the board, and it contains unique strings that identify the board as an EiBotBoard from SchmalzHaus.

This INI file will work for all versions of EBB Firmware. However, any version of EBB Firmware 1.8.2 and above MUST use this custom version of the INF file, not the generic one that comes from Microchip.

EBB Bootloader

If you ever build your own EBB, or if you need to re-program a part from scratch, you'll need the bootloader images. Please see the EiBotBoard Bootloader information page for hex files and more.

Updating Your Firmware

You'll need a Windows PC (XP, Vista and Windows 7 supported, I believe), a USB cable, a power supply for your EBB (for boards earlier than v1.3), the latest version of .Net (if you get an error while bootloading, updating your version of the .Net runtime may be the cause) a HEX file from above that you want to program into your EBB, and this program.

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