UBW 28 DIP version 5
Image of UBW board
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Version 5 was made to correct the problem with Version 4, which was the placement of the program switch. It has now been moved to the other side of the LEDs, which makes it actually usable in this version. I also moved the reset button slightly to allow for the .1 uf cap to sit near the ICSP pins, which allowed me to put a little silk screened area for the serial number. This version, I believe, will be the final version of the 28 DIP series of UBW designs. It is very small, easy to assemble, and has everything I want on it. It's easy to use and program, and pretty cheap to make too!

Same as all other 28 pin versions-
28 DIP Schematic

Board Layout:
28 DIP Board

28 DIP Guide
All Files:
Eagle Board File
Eagle Schematic File
Eagle Library File
Bill Of Materials (Excel spreadsheet)
ZIP File containing all of the above

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