UBW 28 DIP version 4
Image of UBW board
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So from version 3 to version 4, I only made a couple of changes. The board got narrower by .100", I moved some components around so that the LEDs could be in a row and there weren't any resistors that need to stick straight up (all now lay flat).

HOWEVER, there is one major error on this board. If you look at the picture, you'll see that the programming switch is burried between the USB connector and the LEDs. This means it's impossible to press the programming button with a finger. Big oops. This problem was corrected in version 5.

Same as all other 28 pin versions-
28 DIP Schematic

Board Layout:
28 DIP Board

28 DIP Guide
All Files:
Eagle Board File
Eagle Schematic File
Eagle Library File
Bill Of Materials (Excel spreadsheet)
ZIP File containing all of the above

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