UBW 28 DIP version 1
Image of UBW board
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The 28 Pin DIP version of the procssor was the first one I started with. I designed this board to be easy for me to etch myself at home. It's one sided, with three jumpers on the top. It has the same schmatic as all of the 28 DIP and 28 SOIC versions of the UBW board. The picture actually shows a little bit earlier version where I only had 2 LEDs, and some components were in different positions. Also in the picture it shows that I soldered on a female 5 pin header for the ICSP connection on the side of the board. This allowed me to easly re-program the bootloader, which I did a lot as I got the kinks worked out of the bootloader code on this board.

NOTE! Power and ground are accidentally reversed on the board layout - if you build this version, make sure to correct that mistake first!

28 DIP Schematic

Board Layout:
28 DIP Board

28 DIP Guide
All Files:
Eagle Board File
Eagle Schematic File
Eagle Library File
Bill Of Materials (Excel spreadsheet)
ZIP File containing all of the above

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