UBW Project Overview
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UBW stands for USB Bit Whacker. It is a series of boards and software that allow people to do real-world interfacing from their PCs. The boards are very simple, cheap, and generic. The whole design is free to anybody to use and do anything they want with, including commercially produce these boards or derivative works. All software tools used are free, and all code is provided with documetnation so you can take one of the examples on this website and change it to do whatever you want.

Who Cares:
There are three classes of people who may like the UBW design:
Depending upon what you plan to do you will want to read certain web pages here and not others.

Example Projects using UBW:
Has anyone done this before?
    Sure. Sort of.
Board details:
There will eventually be at least four boards, one for each package type that the Microchip USB PICs come in. Each board has different uses, but the same basic software can run on all four boards.
Software Details:
The boards are designed to be used with a slightly modified version of Microchip's USB bootloader so that you don't need any extra hardware to re-program the boards with new firmware, just a PC and a USB port. The boards can be used without the bootloader if you want, as the ICSP pins are brought out to a header and thus the boards can be programmed with any PIC programmer capible of programming these 18F parts. However, all software examples on this website are designed to work with the bootloader.

There are several versions of 'application' firmware that have already been developed, and more are on the way. I have labeled them with single letters. The firmware applications and bootloader code is all developed in Microchip's MPLAB IDE, using their Student Edition of their C18 compiler. All firmware versions are based off of Microchip's sample USB code, without which this project never would have happend. Thank you Microchip!

Each of the different firmware versions (or builds) has some different purpose. This web site provides pre-built versions of each firmware build, so if all you want is the basic functionality of the build, all you have to do is use the build-in USB bootloader and download the firmware you want to use and run with it! If, however, you want to do something different, you can use any of the existing firmware builds here and roll your own to do whatever you want.

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