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The Story:
Every year the company I work for (Logic) has a holiday pot-luck. Last year I made a robot that frosts cookies to bring. This year I had very little time because of all of the projects I was working on, so I went for something almost as geeky but with a lot less debugging required. I made chocolates in the shape of circuit boards and Legos. This year, there was a contest at the pot-luck, with a secret ingredient (which turned out to be ginger). To enter in the contest, you had to use the ingredient. I chopped up small pieces of crystallized ginger and put them into my dark and milk chocolate molds. It turned out to be a fantastic combination. I actually won the prize for most creative entry! Everyone made absolutely incredible ginger-laced foods, and a wonderful time was had by all.

I chose to make molds of my own UBW and UBW32 boards, as well as a product Logic makes called a Card Engine. Some various Lego pieces were thrown in just because as well. They all turned out really well, but the Card Engine boards were really cool. You could see the top copper layer traces, the silk screen, and the part numbers - all in the chocolate!

You will need:
  1. Part A and Part B of the mold compound (silicone rubber) - I used Silicone Plastique from
  2. Some small thing you want to make a chocolate in the shape of
  3. A box slightly larger than the thing you will be molding (optional with thick silicone)
  4. Chocolate 'chips' to pour into the mold - I used Melt'n Mold from
  5. A freezer to chill the chocolate
  6. A plastic squeeze bottle (optional)
Step-by-step procedure:
Lego Minifig and Box
Part A and B
Starting to mix
Minifig can't breatheStill can't breathe
Don't fall in
That should kill him good
We're free!
A chocolate me?
Double trouble

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