Ada Helene Schmalz Pictures

Ada Helene Schmalz was born today, April 16th, at 12:55 PM. She was 9lb 5oz, and mom and baby are doing great. Now the three sisters just need to get acquainted with each other. Here are a couple of pictures- (Click the picture for larger versions.)

Deanna and Ada
This is Deanna holding Ada.

Brian Greta and Ada
And this is Brian, Greta and Ada.

05-22-2007 : Update : Here are a couple more pictures that show Ada's face a bit better. She's now 5 weeks old and growing like a very cute weed.
Ada in the sun
Ada's outside and enjoying it.

Ada in the sun
"The Stare"

Ada in the sun
The three sisters, all dressed up as copy-cats.

Ada in the sun
Ada in Brian's Lap, with the very start of a smile.

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